Pet Rescue Saga – Level 1 – Walkthrough, Cheats, and Tips


Clear 80% of the blocks.
Get 40 points.

Pet Rescue Level 1 Walkthrough

Pet Rescue Level 1 Tips

This first level of the game is an introduction to Pet Rescue Saga world. Simply click on groups of blocks of precisely the same colour to remove them. We do’t think you’ll have problem in completing your assignment.

Level 1 of Pet Rescue Saga contains a tutorial in-game, but these tips can help you get started in case you need some clarification! The board is the space that’s filled up with different coloured blocks. Sitting together with the blocks are animals, pets that are called.

Your job is always to fit adjoining blocks of exactly the same colour to remove them from your board. The pets at the top and additional blocks will fall towards the bottom of the display, or the earth, to fill the empty space left by the blocks you fit when they vanish.

Making a match of blocks is simple! If you’re playing on the PC, simply click on a bunch of same color blocks to remove them! This really is called making a match.

The pet will run the display off when you might have removed enough blocks for a pet to reach the ground and is currently considered to be saved! Your occupation would be to strategically remove the blocks from the board so the sufficient amount of pets that you should be saved can be rescued.

However, be careful of the quantity of available matches which you have! If you run out of matches before rescuing all the pets, you are going to lose the level!

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