Pet Rescue Saga Level 10 Tips and Cheats

Pet Rescue Level 10 Tips

In Pet Rescue Saga Amount 10 the colour pop booster (balloon) is introduced to the game. You pick a colour if you use the balloon and you clear all the blocks with this color in the display.

It’s a very helpful booster, particularly when things will not become rather easy in the game.


Save 3 Pets

Get 18.000 points.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 10 Cheats and Tips

Level 10 Cheat #1: Save more pets than is necessary.

Frequently times a degree will have of saving a specific amount of pets a prerequisite, yet there will be many more pets on the board.

While these additional pets are there to make the degree more easy and give you more choices should a pet get stuck, they’re also an excellent chance to get a crazy number of points and ensure a three star high score! While you play, make an effort to bring to the underside as numerous pets as possible.

They’ll give you bonus points which are worth a lot more when additional pets are freed.

Level 10 Cheat #2: Using your rocket booster to save pets.

There will be degrees on that just has the precise quantity of pets your target asks for though this is’t a difficulty on amounts with more pets compared to target asks for.

On these degrees, isolated blocks can be a genuine problem because they are able to prevent a pet if there’s absolutely no means to match them from being freed.

If it occurs, keep your rocket booster accessible.

Level 10 Cheat #3: Board height and losing pets to the ceiling.

On amounts where downwards is shifted by the board, when the board shifts any pets that can be higher as opposed to ceiling will be knocked in the board completely, and there’ll not be a chance to save them.

In these cases you’ve got a pet near the top of a column which could be knocked off and where your display will drop lower, use the rocket booster! The rocket booster bring your pet back down to the base of the the display for another opportunity and will remove the whole column.

It can be used by you as a last resort to remove the block that is disjunct from your board and save the pet!

Level 10 video walkthrough

View this gameplay video for Pet Rescue Saga amount 10 to allow you to beat the level.

See the strategies that are different this player uses to enhance your Pet Rescue Saga game.

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