Pet Rescue Saga – Level 2 – Walkthrough, Cheats, and Tips

The introduction to the game is continued in the 2nd level.

Your target would be to clear as bigger group of blocks as possible so that you can get higher score. So snap on large groups to remove them.


Clear 95% of the blocks
Get 16.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 2 Cheats and Tricks

Level 2 Cheat #1

Get rid of already unified matches to make other larger matches.

When this amount starts out, you’ll discover there are a group of easy-to-make matches right.
You burst them all fast and can go ahead and beat the level, but why not score as many points as possible? Burst the big matches of the same-color blocks that are all unified on the board. This will leave space for blocks of like colors on separate region of the board to come together for a match that is much larger!.

Amount 2 Cheat #2

Distinct kinds of levels.

There are a few different types of amounts in Pet Rescue Saga that switch during most degrees so the gameplay remains ambitious and fascinating.

For instance, level 2 does’t require any pets to be rescued by you at all! Your goal instead is to score a particular amount of points given a certain amount of moves.

For levels such as this, your goal should be to make the greatest matches you can with as many blocks as possible, because more blocks in a match means more points!.

Level 2 Cheat #3

Awesome matches.

Listed here is an example of a substantial match that will afford an insane amount of points, and shoot at you towards your point goal in no time.

You may desire to be searching for these types of matches while you play with Pet Rescue Saga.

Large matches are also influenced by strategy at the same time while sometimes they come on their own.

You have to make the right colored matches in the right sequence to get as large a match as possible!

Pet Rescue Level 2 Walkthrough

View this gameplay video for Pet Rescue Saga level 2 to help you beat the level.

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