Pet Rescue Saga – Level 3 Cheats, Tips, and Walkthrough

Pet Rescue Level 3 Tricks

In the game the rocket booster is introduced in pet saving amount 3.

It gets activated while.

The larger cluster of blocks you clear the earlier you activate it.

Utilize it to get rid of unwanted blocks.


Clear 90% of the blocks

Pet Rescue Saga Degree 3 Cheats and Tricks

Level 3 Cheat #1

Get rid of the small matches first.

Whenever you begin a level that is new, survey the board first to see how you should begin making matches.

In this scenario, you will make a match of two yellowish blocks first because there are’t many other yellow blocks on the board, and these two are preventing more same-colour blocks from coming together to form much bigger matches.

Level 3 Cheat #2

Sometimes, a match won’t be a condensed mass of multiple blocks and will be stretched out across the board.

Such a match is one that you want to do away with soon, to ensure the smaller matches that it keeps apart from one another can join up and make a much bigger match.

Level 3 Cheat #3

Finishing the level.

As you can see, removing the red blocks allowed for a much bigger match of purple blocks to come together.

Once you match this, there wo’t be enough blocks left on the board to continue to make substantial matches. That is regular, as best you can to finish the level powerful and with a good number of points so just match the rest of the blocks.

Watch this gameplay video for Pet Rescue Saga amount 3 to enable you to beat the level.

Find the various strategies this player uses to improve your Pet Rescue Saga game.

Pet Rescue Level 3 Walkthrough

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