Pet Rescue Saga – Level 4 Cheats, Tips, and Walkthrough

In Pet Rescue Saga level 4 of saving the pets the objective is introduced.

See our walkthrough video to finish the job it’s not fairly difficult in this amount.


Save 3 pets

Get 10,000 points

Pet Saving Saga Level 4 Hints and Cheats

Level 4 Cheat #1: Longer Levels.

There will be a level which is bigger in relation to the display.

All this means is that while you make reduce the quantity of blocks on the plank and matches, the display will change down with you until the earth of the level is in view.

level 4 Cheat #2: Make matches standard.

These amounts that are longer are’t any different than ordinary amounts.

Just make matches standard.

Nevertheless, we do advocate making matches in the low part of the board to ensure blocks which may not match up on top of the plank can drop down and discover a match that is potential.

level 4 Cheat #3: Completing the level.

The display will cease shifting down when you reach the underside of the board, and it is possible to complete the level.

Remove as possible, keeping a watch by being unable to be matches up on any outliers which may give you trouble.

The prerequisite because of this level will be to clear 75% of the blocks, which shouldn’t be a problem. Yet, after levels that need a greater percent of the blocks will need one to be really conscious of getting from your board as many blocks as possible.


Pet Rescue Level 4 Walkthrough

View this gameplay video for Pet Rescue Saga level 4 to allow you to beat the level.

See the strategies that are different this player uses to enhance your Pet Rescue Saga game.

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