Pet Rescue Saga – Level 7 – Tips, Cheats, and Walkthrough

Pet Rescue Level 7 Tips

Amounts become bigger, as you keep going in Pet Rescue Saga.

Moreover in degree 7 the use of hit booster (hammer) is introduced in the game.

Use one block to clear, when prevents degree’s improvement.

The booster that is hammer is the only person it is possible to get by your pals for free, or it is possible to send your buddies one also.


Clear 75% of the blocks

Get 14.000 points.

Level 7 Cheat #1: Using the hammer.

The hammer has the skill to break and remove any individual block you need in the board when accessible.

That is a particularly useful tool when dealing with isolated blocks that are preventing potentially better, bigger and cannot be fit matches from becoming accessible and coming together.

Level 7 Cheat #2: Matching the 2x blocks correctly.

Unlike in the preceding degree, the 2x blocks with this degree are more spread apart from one another and from same-coloured blocks, plus they are going to be a little more difficult to fit.

Level 7 Cheat #3: Using the rocket booster.

In such a circumstance it is possible to use rocket booster, or the Column Blaster Booster.

The rocket will remove a whole column of blocks which you do’t is very useful to do away with blocks that wo’t match up readily, and need on the board.

Level 7 video walkthrough

View this gameplay video for Pet Rescue Saga degree 7 to allow you to beat the level.

See the strategies that are different this player uses to enhance your Pet Rescue Saga game.


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