Pet Rescue Saga Level 9 Tips and Cheats

Pet Rescue Level 9 Tips

Clear as bigger bunches as possible in order to collect more points.


Clear 80% of the blocks

Get 15.000 points.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 9 Cheats and Tips

Level 9 Cheat #1: Make sure you are getting the most out of the x2 blocks

The x2 blocks, when fit have the possibility to allow you to get an insane number of points from one match.

Make sure if you are clearing the blocks that are x2 from your board, they have been in a match worth.

As a rule of thumb, make an effort not to settle under five blocks for any match.

Level 9 Cheat #2: Using your rocket booster.

Your rocket booster is an useful tool that becomes accessible reasonably shortly after beginning a degree, though you should be careful of when to utilize it.

We generally recommend using the rocket booster the moment it becomes available the first time in a degree, and after that waiting until the end to utilize it for an example where you might actually want it.

All of it is dependent upon how quick you think that can recharge the booster by making great fits. Nevertheless, make sure you’ve got one to help you cope with any disjunct blocks billed for the ending of each degree which may prevent you from achieving your aim.

Level 9 Cheat #3: The priorities of certain goals.

Your goals should be prioritized by you .

While most degrees are going to have score condition, the aims that switch are ones such as board percents and saved pet minimums that should be cleared. These switching targets are the significant ones, because the game is generally set up so that finishing these targets that are more significant will carry through, or at least come close to carrying through, the point goals which you additionally have.

Level 9 video walkthrough

View this gameplay video for Pet Rescue Saga degree 9 to enable you to beat the level.

See the strategies that are different this player uses to enhance your Pet Rescue Saga game.

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